Luciana Mantovani

I am a certified Clinical Dietitian registered with: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Department of Health of Abu Dhabi (DOH). I hold a bachelor’s degree from Estacio de Sa University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil for Science of Nutrition since 2002.
I have started my career leading HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance procedures (Food safety). I have developed standards menus and organized large and sophisticated gastronomic events in Brazil and Italy.

In UAE, I have worked as a Sport Nutrition Consultant for large gyms a part of providing private consultations to individuals. Currently I am working part-time as a Clinical Dietitian in a reputable Clinic in Abu Dhabi implementing the gastric balloon program (Allurion®) for weight loss and counseling patients on balanced nutrition focusing on preventing diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2, hypertension, dyslipidemias, etc. These consultations are based on detailed nutritional assessment, followed by personalized nutritional care to meet patient’s unique needs, I take into consideration the patient’s lifestyle factors such as activity levels, environment, sleep routine and stress levels which I focus on the whole body under a holistic approach.

I am also engaged in another part-time assignment with Royal Catering, one of the Region’s leading catering and hospitality service providers, providing bespoke nutritional consultation exclusively to ADNOC top management.

I believe anyone can make proper health improvements with tailor-made guidance and proper nutrition advice based in scientific information to treat, prevent diseases, and follow a healthier lifestyle.