Fadia AbuHaltam

I am a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor-CCMHC, who gained a multicultural experience in Jordan and New York, working with diverse population of adults and adolescents. Utilizing Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, REBT, CBT and Transactional Analysis-T A. I also work on empowering clients with Trauma, OCD, depression, and anxiety among other mental and social issues. I support clients and their... families dealing with social, emotional, and environmental challenges as part of stressful lives. I apply behavioral modification techniques, social and coping skills, and psychoeducational approach as part of her approach, as well as psychosocial techniques, clinical assessments, diagnosis, and treatment services to my clients.
I have a good knowledge of psychoeducational therapy, social skills training, and counseling skills to be utilized within organizational environments, and religious/spiritual values that could help those in need for holistic approaches.