Cultivating A Healthy Work Environment

We as humans spend one-third of our lives at work. This significant amount of time is spent meeting new people and trying to find common grounds with them on which we plan on moving forward towards our common goals as team members in one establishment.


The workplace thus becomes a territory where most of our day folds out, and where most of the interactions that we do there can affect our mental wellness and thus affect our productivity. For those reasons, it is imperative for coworkers and team leaders alike to strive towards building a healthy workspace that allows everyone on board to optimize their productivity while growing as individuals.


But what is a healthy workplace?

A healthy workspace is that where co-workers are comfortable to voice their opinions, where brainstorming is a normal, rather sought-after technique, and where the team is more accepting towards going along with new ideas.

A healthy workspace is also a fertile ground for good work relationships, which give a sense of freedom and motivation towards reaching a common goal rather than wasting time and energy on having to deal with negative relationships and toxicity. All in all, the benefits of a healthy workspace are increased productivity, enhanced goal setting and achieving, and personal growth on the level of each individual involved.

What makes a healthy workspace?

Employees thrive in a medium of trust and understanding at the workplace, which is why open lines of communication between the employees and the employers, as well as among the employees, are crucial to maintain openness and encourage honest feedback and transparent reporting.

This can be established through maintaining an open and receptive HR policy, a feedback intake system, or regular staff meetings.

Another way a healthy workspace can be maintained is through expressing acknowledgement. We all want to feel appreciated; it is human nature. When an employer makes it a point to acknowledge the efforts of each member of the team on a regular basis, and in a sincere manner, this creates an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and respect, and fuels the employees with the energy to offer more of their effort and time to achieve the common goals of the team.

One last and very important tip on achieving a healthy workspace is continually working on empowering the team. Workshops, seminars, and courses are all ways that can help the employees improve and make them feel that the company values their self-development just as much as they do. An empowered team is a healthy team that is focused on moving the company forward, instead of negative timewasters such as gossip and toxicity.

At the end of the day, healthy workspaces are a benefit for all parties involved, as studies have shown that workplaces with a positive atmosphere, greater trust in leadership, and highly engaged workers are 21% more profitable.

What will you do to improve your workspace today?