Sirine Takieddine

I am a dedicated clinical dietitian, graduated in 2011 from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon. Since then, I started my career in UAE.
I have 12 years of extensive experience in nutrition and dietetics. I have worked in various medical centres and reputable hospitals, specializing in treating patients for diabetes, weight loss, renal failure, dialysis, critical care and pat...ients post bariatric surgeries.
My style of diet is simple and goal-driven. I build my diets based on each patient’s needs, work schedules, lifestyle and time restraints.
I am a full time working mother and wife, and I make it work with 2 simple steps: being grocery prepared for the week with fast and easy meals.
I can offer diverse recipes and create assorted grocery shopping lists for the week accordingly.
I can help my patients choose portions of their meals already prepared at home for their families.
I believe anything is possible if you have a positive attitude and willingness to achieve.
Believe in yourself and together we can both make your goal reachable in no time.