Sahar jomaa

A great example of sophistication and maturity is the person’s knowledge and acknowledgment of the existence of a problem that he suffers from, and the finest of that is the desire to solve it by seeking support through a specialist in this field, underlying the problems that a person suffers from and negatively affect his life and hinder his progress.
Licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of... Public Health, holding master’s degree in clinical psychology, with honorable appreciation and seven years of experience in providing psychotherapy, I support and accompany people to overcome their mental illnesses, reaching complete confidentiality and self-esteem. And a safe place free of prejudgment and blame, can express his feelings with comfort and confidence.
Having advanced skills in psychological intervention and assessment, I deal with borderline personalities, OCD, phobias, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, and psychosomatic disorders. I also intervene in treating behavioral disorder and hyperactivity. Adding, I support parent-child relationship. I also treat trauma, feelings of rejection, guilt and inferiority complex. My intervention applies to all ages (child, adult, etc.).
Since 2014, I have been dealing with cases of violence of all kinds (sexual, physical, psychological and neglect), and my work aims to improve self-image, and deal with psychological pressures, and relationship problems (separation, communication, and divorce). I work for local NGOs such as Himaya org. So that I intervene with children and adolescents who suffer from all kinds of abusive acts or problems associated with the age stages.