Nour Samman

Bachelor in Nutrition and food science from Jordan university of science and technology. Jordan- 2004.
Nutritionist license- MOH – Jordan-2009.
Clinical dietitian and food diet license -Dubai health Authority-DHA-2018
Clinical dietitian license- Department of health Abu Dhabi-DOH-2019

I’m a supporter of real food and cooking at using ingredients in their least processed form. Organic is ideal if available and affordable. Even when it’s not, making your meals significantly improves what you eat.
I realize you have a busy life; we all do. When it comes to taking care of your heath, you have to put yourself first. Shift priorities and get the support of those around you. Where do ‘YOU’ fit in your own life?
I am licensed dietitian advising people on what to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. People whom at risk of diseases:
Cardiovascular, hypertension
Diabetes, 1, 2
Thyroid disorder,
Vitamins deficiency,
In addition to underweight, obesity in different stages,
Emotional eating, binge eating disorders and
Exercise and sports performance
I run my own dream to reality when keeping in touch with who ever need my assistance with trusted and authorized online platform as TAKALAM
I was head of nutrition department in Body-line center in amman for 5 years, this is where I took my expertise with body management based on body contouring session and customized diet plan for each client.
Then, I had 5 years rich experience as dietitian counselor at Dr Munther clinic which is:
• Assessing patients’ and clients’ health needs and diet.
• Counseling patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits.
• Developing meal plans, taking both cost and clients’ preferences into account.
• Evaluating the effects of meal plans and change the plans as needed.
• Correlating between good eating habits and preventing or managing specific diseases. • Keeping up with the latest dietetic and nutritional science researches.
Finally I moved to UAE to work as senior clinical dietitian in clinics in Abudhabi and Dubai.

Start your journey with eating habits in healthy lifestyle today!