Maya Ghorayeb

Ms. Maya Ghorayeb obtained her Master degree in Clinical and Pathological
Psychology from Saint Joseph University Beirut.
With a solid five-year experience and professional training in oncology from Ecole
de Psychologues Praticiens Paris she has been working as a psychotherapist in
various settings including private clinics, leading hospitals in Beirut such as HotelDieu... de France and Mount Lebanon and volunteered in NGOs for counselling
abused children and cancer patients.
Trilingual, Arabic (native), French and English, she provides analytical therapy to
patients of all ages: children, adolescents, adults offering individual and group
counselling sessions.
Among her areas of expertise are:
• Anxiety disorders such as panic attack, OCD
• Depression
• Grief
• Trauma
• Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa
• Sexual abuse
• Drug abuse such as alcohol dependence
Passionate about her work, she focuses on the de-stigmatization of mental illness
and works to promote mental health wellbeing and emotional fulfilment.
She aims at providing her patients with highly personalized and targeted support.
She is committed to assisting each individual in complete confidentiality.