My name is Marie Abdel-Ahad, Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist (with more than 10 years of experience)
Licensed from the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon as clinical Psychologist.
I am 37 years old Lebanese married women living in Lebanon.
Studied Master in clinical psychology and did my internship in many institutions; psychiatric hospitals under the supervis...ion of Psychiatrist, center for Autistic kids and clinic.

I Work as a Mental Health Professional since 2012.

In 2013 I started my specialty in treating Trauma survivor in a project of capacity building funded by Dignity. I undergo supervision sessions for 2 years in Narrative Exposure Therapy. Then I was trained in supervision and on 2017 I did TOT in NET. I trained and supervised more than 100 psychologist and Psychiatrist in Amman, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Syria. And I participated in the study and paper research about NET.

In 2016 I did 2 years of Diploma in CBT in collaboration between two Psychiatric hospitals (hôpital de la croix in Lebanon and Hôpital Saint Anne in France).

In 2015 has been selected to participate and present a project at the research seminar in the conference titled “The First Arab and Mediterranean Infant Mental Health Meeting, Kuwait City

I did level 1, 2 and 3 in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I started to work as consultant, in Dignity since 2018 till present.

Since 2017 I start to work as senior psychologist.

I am certified as trainer from Ministry of Public health in Emotional Crisis Management and Psychological First Aid.
And after Beirut Blast, I did much training for NGO's and UN front liners staff in PFA.

As well, I did more than 4 trainings in ECM.

In 2018 I did 2 trainings with John Hopkins University in CETA for Adult and Child.

Since 2019 I started trainings with Centre of Victims of Torture in the following trainings:
1- Ambiguous Loss.
2- Clinical Boundaries.
3- Clinical supervision course.

In 2019 I did training in Dialectical therapy.

Certified therapist in IPT Therapy with Colombia University and Ministry of Public Health. Member in International Society of IPT.

In 2021 I did more than 5 training for UN staff in Communication.

In 2021 and till present I started EMDR training (project under Ministry of Public Health and EMDR Lebanese Association) where I still have one level to become certified EMDR therapist (still under supervision).

From 2020 I worked in MENA region with Women Living with HIV (MENA ROSA)

As well I attended many trainings in working with LGBTIQ clients and families, care for care givers, psycho drama, rehabilitation building and training in non-violent communication, Somatic and Art-based therapy

In 2021 I started a Diploma in Eating Disorder at American University in Beirut and Actually I am under supervision.

Actually I work in my Private Clinic, Restart Center for Rehabilitation of Victim of Violence and Consultant in Dignity.

Bipolar Disorder
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Behavior)
Eating disorder
Substance use
Social Anxiety
Specific Phobias

International Society of IPT,
Board member in MEPA