Fatema AlDallal

Fatema AlDallal, MSc is a clinical psychologist whose main goal is working
collaboratively with patients in order to lead them towards gaining an overall better
outlook on life.

She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology
from Middlesex University, and went on to pursue a Master’s in Clinical Psychology
from one of the highest-ran...king universities in the United Kingdom, University of

Fatema has practiced different therapeutic approaches with clients of all ages
from various backgrounds, and is therefore able to tailor specific techniques that
would fit each individual’s needs; helping them achieve healthier perceptions of
themselves, as well as strengthening their relationships. She is trained in
administering psychometrics and psycho-educational assessments, and is especially
experienced in working with teenagers. Additionally, she has conducted various
types of psychological research on anxiety, gender and sexuality, social
constructions, stress management, addictions, and different cultural views; and has
presented her studies at multiple conferences and workshops.

Fatema's experience includes working at a psychiatric hospital offering psychotherapy to patients, and at a university offering counseling and support to students.