Dr. Taghleb Azar

Dr. Taghleb is a specialist Psychiatrist at Jordan for 2 years. He completed his residency at Al Rasheed hospital after training at Jordan university of Science and technology in Jordan. He holds bachelor degree in medicine from Jordan university of science and technology. He maintains active registration as a specialist psychiatrist with the jordanian medical association.
Dr. Azar started... his early career in medicine in Jordan in 2006.
He works in both in- patient and out-patient community in different cities across Jordan for the past 5 years.
His experience spans 5 years in high risk,high workload and challenging scenarios across diverse clinical settings.
He has experience in managing a variety of mental illnesses and addiction including depression, anxiety, and personality disorder as both individual and group psychotherapy plus his wide knowledge in medications and psychotherapy for each case individually especially cases of addiction and using modern ways of psychotherapy with them.