Dr. Salam Kandil

Hello, my name is Dr. Salam Kandil, and I'm a licensed clinical psychologist and professional with over 20+ years of experience. I gained my experience along my journey from working in various diverse environments, including a non-profit organization in Lebanon in clinical psychology working on relationship and marital therapy, behavioral health, psychotherapy, panic attacks, anxiety, depress...ion, among others, as well as over 15 years as a school, child and parent psychologist where I gained experience in family therapy and children's learning disabilities. I then started my personal clinic 12 years ago alongside my work at the NGO, doing sessions online and in-person, and have been developing and expanding my expertise even further since.
I have completed my Master's and Ph.D. in clinical psychology degree from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and have undergone several training courses over the years, and worked with accredited organizations such as the UN.