Dr. Khalifa Almeqbaali

Hi, I’m Khalifa,

Since high school, I was interested in “being better” and “ improving my self” so I still remember writing my first “GRAND” life plan*1 as a fifteen-year-old boy. My interest in “being better” grew with me during medical school and led me to be interested in the human mind. How does it work? And what is going inside us?

So after ...finishing medical school, I decided to chase my dream to understand the human mind in Germany because I was a “dreamy” young man who wanted to study modern psychiatry and psychology in their mother language. German.

In Germany, I dived in my passion. From taking part in self-exploration sessions*2 to treating patients with brain tumors.

I was lucky to be able to help many people to overcome their sufferings and struggles. And they helped me to understand humans and our minds better.

I’m a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist. I’m specialized in affective disorders and addiction.

*1 of course, I did not follow the plan ;-)!
*2 part of the training program in psychotherapy is to take part in 150 hours of therapy “as a patient.” Kind of treating yourself.

Professional (Medical)Timeline:

2005-2011 MBBS in United Arab Emirates University.
2011 Elective in pediatric neurology at Thomas hospital. UK.
2012 Internship in Tawam hospital and Alain hospital. UAE.
2013 Free year & german language training Goethe institute. Germany.
2014 - 2018 Psychiatric & Psychotherapy residency program in psychiatric department Regensburg University. Germany.
2019 Neurology year in neurology department in Regensburg University. Germany.
2019 - 2021 Addiction psychiatry fellowship in Regensburg University. Germany.