Dr. Fabio Cannas Aghedu

Dr. Fabio Cannas Aghedu, a multi-faceted professional uniting the roles of clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, university lecturer, and neuroscientist, has over a decade of experience weaving together a unique tapestry of expertise. As a clinical psychologist, he traversed various mental health facilities across Argentina, Spain, France, England and Italy, employing his analytical prowess to u...ntangle the intricate relationship between the mind and the brain. Beyond the hospital walls, he transitioned to private practice and online platforms, serving diverse populations as a psychotherapist and addressing a myriad of mental health concerns.
Dr. Cannas Aghedu's academic journey is anchored by a Master's and PhD in Psychology from the esteemed University of Padova (Italy). Further enhancing his proficiency, he acquired a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from the distinguished University of Nimes (France).
His passion extends beyond the realms of conventional psychology. His doctoral research delved into the fascinating realm of romantic relationships at a neurological level, equipping him to guide individuals and couples as they navigate the complexities of love, communication, and conflict. He continuously fuels his expertise by actively participating in research across diverse fields such as affective neuroscience, sexology, and psychology, resulting in numerous publications. This dedication guarantees that his interventions remain firmly anchored in the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices.
Proficient in Italian, English, French, and Spanish, Dr. Cannas Aghedu fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment, fostering trust and rapport with clients from various backgrounds. Committed to delivering culturally sensitive and personalized care, he meticulously tailors his approach to meet the unique needs and perspectives of each client. Driven by a genuine desire to empower individuals to realize their full potential, he places a strong emphasis on collaboration. He creates a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their challenges, develop effective coping mechanisms, and cultivate long-term well-being.