Aleena Babu

Aleena is an adept Psychologist who proactively harnesses her skills and expertise to provide comprehensive mental health care services. With a valid CDA license, she specializes in a wide array of services, including tailored Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults grappling with a spectrum of conditions such as OCD, MDD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Eating disorders, PTSD, and general mental well-b...eing. Additionally, she adeptly conducts both Individual and Group counseling sessions, addressing critical issues such as parental separation conflicts, and Abuse/Neglect.

Moreover, she is proficient in administering psychometric assessments, enabling her to create in-depth reports and implement effective intervention strategies for conditions like ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depressive disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Catering to clients across all age groups - from children to adolescents and adults, she is driven by a strong sense of empathy and motivation, enabling her to adeptly resolve intricate challenges faced by her clientele. Her multicultural counseling skills set her apart as a distinguished practitioner in the field, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Furthermore, her extensive experience in conducting personalized one-on-one sessions with corporate employees, and addressing personal and professional concerns, significantly enhances her professional profile. Central to her practice is the establishment of secure and nurturing environments for her clients, fostering insight, personal growth, and proactive prevention strategies.