Myriam Matta (DHA, LD, 5 years of experience)

Upon graduating in Nutrition and Dietetics from the American University of Beirut and obtaining a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American University, I went on to launch and run my private clinic in Lebanon where I also worked closely for over 2 years with well renowned doctors in Endocrinology. During this time, I gained experience in nutrition counselling for management and disordered eating patterns related to obesity and chronic diseases.
While counselling people of all ages, it became clear to me how psychology can greatly impact our eating behaviors. This is what motivated me to pursue a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E) for eating disorders at the Center for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford and, what keeps motivated to continue expanding my expertise in the field of disordered eating and eating disorders.
While I loved and enjoyed running my own practice, I decided it was time for a new challenge. That’s when I moved to the UAE, got my DHA license, and started my new journey as a clinical dietitian at Right Bite Nutrition and Catering center.
Today, I am based in Abu Dhabi, running my online nutrition counselling platform, educating people on how to build a healthy lifestyle while fostering a healthy relationship with food and a positive body image.

Areas of Expertise:
· Disordered Eating Patterns & Eating Disorders
· Emotional Eating & Body Positivity
· Mental & Body Wellbeing
· Mindful and Intuitive Eating
· Weight Management for the generally healthy population