Dr. Manar Al- Rawaqah

When we believe that the difficulties we challenge in our life will lead us to a beautiful destination.. We will be able to defeat our suffering and contain what we are going through.. This is what I've learned from people who defeated the difficulties and been able to handle with it. The solution-focused brief therapy had a great impact on the people I have worked with over the past 7 years..... especially those who seek change in a short time.. then I really realized that you may not need much time to regain internal regulation and enjoyment in life.. you just need to make a decision and then start again in your beautiful life.. Manar is a psychologist and trainer with a PhD in psychological counseling, and has worked over 7 years with refugees who suffering from stress disorder, post traumatic Stress disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, providing parental consultation.